My name is Reda El Mraki.I'm a a freelance professional doodle artist and graphic designer from Italy. I've worked as freelance for almost 3 years for several companies and advertisement agencies. My art is known as "Doodle Art" wich is a mix of cartoon characters and shapes. I use both digital and traditional ways but most of my work are made traditionally.


The spider king: Sigrid tribute

Fanart of the graphic novel “The Spider King” by josh vann and Simone D’Armini they’re on kickstarter , and they need your help to reach their goal and release this fantastic book.

Go check them out and back their awesome project!

Here’s the link to the kickstarter page:

The spider king: Tributo a Sigrid
Fanart del fumetto “The Spider King” scritto e illustrato da josh vann e @Simone D’Armini. Il loro progetto รจ ora su Kickstarter, date loro una mano per raggiungere il loro obiettivo e pubblicare questo fantastico libro.

-Link per la pagina Kickstarter:

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